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The BLISS Model SC2-300 Ton Straight Side Press is a fully automated metal stamping press for a variety of manufacturing applications. This press features a bed sizes of 96" x 54" and supports speeds of 30-60 parts per minute. The BLISS Model SC2-300 is designed for progressive, blanking, forming, transfer, chassis parts and large panel parts. Both the press and feed line are fully integrated with a die protection system, light curtain, sonar loop control and lubrication system. Hydraulic clamping is utilized for quick die changes and ease of transfer.

Bed Size: Speeds: Applications: Servo Feed: Straightener: Coil Unwinder:
 96"x54" 30 to 60
per minute
Progressive Blanking
Chassis parts
Large panel parts
Maximum weight
8,000 lbs.
Diameter 54"

The Hammerle TRM 50/750 Precision Flat Metal Roll Leveling Machine

Parts that are not flat can cause difficulties in manufacturing and assembly. Precision leveling upgrades the quality of the work piece while contributing to the functional accuracy of secondary forming and other downstream operations.

Precision leveling is the logical solution where close tolerance is the norm. So whether your needs are for a contract leveling source or product design assistance, this new equipment will help us meet all of your leveling requirements.

Work Range: Automated
Material Flow:
 Flatness Range:
Thickness -.020 to .472 inch width is 10 times the material thickness, to 29 inches; length is 4 inches to unlimited. Conveyor return system
allows multiple pass or
cross directional leveling.
Typically a standard of .003 per inch can be improved to .001 or less. Example: .190 aluminum plate 18" x 22" held to .005 T.I.R. with just two passes.

TWO Trumpf L3030 CO2 lasers with 8 shelf linear liftmaster automation provides low cost, flat blank solutions ideal for prototypes, low to medium production volumes and any parts with demanding geometry that does not lend itself to hard tooling. These lasers reach traverse speeds in excess of 3300 inches per minute, cutting speeds in excess of 750 inches per minute in thin gauges. Unmatched pierce times of less than 2 tenths of a second in 1/4" steel. Dynamic nesting and scheduling of multiple jobs at the same time exponentially improves material utilization and reduces material costs.

Bed Size: Speeds: Laser: Automation:
(Z axis travel of 4.5")
Combined axis of 3346 inches a minute positioning speeds. Mild steel up to 0.8 thick / Stainless to 0.625" / Aluminum to 0.400" Full lights out operation providing 24 hours of on demand production. Tower threshold of 52,800 lbs of raw material, Maximum of 2050 lbs per sheet. With 4 unload stations, schedule changes are handled with ease.

Seven Haas VF series vertical machining centers. 
Table size ranging from 12" x 30" to 26" x 50".  Spindle speeds up to 12,000 rpm's.  Z heights to 20".

Flow 5-axis dynamic waterjet cutting system. Cutting speeds up to 300 inches per minute and thicknesses up to six inches of nearly any material or hardness.

HV is a leader in lean manufacturing processes.
Through the use of Value Stream Mapping, 5S and several successful Kaizen events we have improved overall quality, inventory turns and on-time delivery.

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